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Choosing magePMS, you will get:

Rooms Management

Add, modify or delete rooms in our system according with your needs!
Also, when a room is booked on any booking sources, that room will become automatically “busy room” on all of the other booking sources, so you will never have over booking situations.

Bookings Management

Manage as simply as possible all of your bookings, from any booking source, in a single place!
You can always modify or cancel a booking, according with your guests needs.

Guests Management

Using magePMS, you can easily manage all of your customers!
You can easily access the database which includes all of your guests so you will know the individual preferences of each of them.
Having access to this database, your email advertising campaigns will be easier than ever before!

Direct bookings through your own website

With magePMS widget you can receive direct bookings through your own website, without to pay any fee!
Receiving direct bookings with 0 (zero) commission, your guests will pay your entire price at their arrivals.

Seasonal prices

magePMS allows you to have different prices for different seasons, or even for different days of the same week.
Your own imagination is the only limit for creating your next prices strategies campaigns!


With magePMS you will have access to all reports you will ever need!
Reports about your property’s rooms, about your bookings, about your guests and about your earnings are just some of them!

Email alerts from your reception!

If you are a busy manager or property owner and you want to know everything that happened at your property’s reception, magePMS is the best solution!
You can receive an email for every new check-in, or for every new booking, or for every new payment your property receives from your guests.
It is up to you to choose which email alerts would you like to receive!

Email alerts to your guests

Use magePMS and work like the pros!
According with your own criteria, magePMS can send an automatically customizable email to your guests when they book a room, or arrive at your property or when they leave your property!

Individual accounts for each receptionist

You can create an individual account for each receptionist your property has.
This will help you to know exactly which of your receptionists did a specific check-in, which one of them did a better work for your property and much more!


Using magePMS you can easily create invoices for your customers!
Printing an invoice, or just send it through email, magePMS allows you to customize the invoice with your on logo and details!

Different payments methods

Some of your guest will pay by cash, others by credit card, or they will have a voucher, or they can choose any other payment method your property agree!
magePMS helps you to keep an evidence for any kind of payment from your guests!

Add, eliminate or modify a tax

VAT tax, city tax or any other type of taxes are easily to be configurated by magePMS!
Even if a tax is a fixed percent from a fixed amount, or the tax itself is a fixed amount, even if that tax is included, or not included in the price, you can easily create, modify or eliminate them according with your needs


Using magePMS you don’t need any more to ask your customers to complete a printed check-in form!
magePMS offer you a simply and fast way to check-in your guest!

magePMS support

You can always contact us here and one of our staff members will help you as soon as possible!

Each property has different needs and we know this!
Therefore, you can easily buy exactly what you need for your property

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